김정은-문재인으로부터 협공 당하는 트럼프

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- 문재인-임종석이 청와대 있는 한 대한민국 국민은 파리 목숨

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김정은은 핵놀이로 면전 조롱, 문재인은 더블플레이로 뒤통수

트럼프는 두 사람으로부터 협공 당하고 있다. 김정은과 문재인이다. 김정은은 미사일과 핵으로 트럼프를 면전에서 조롱하고 있고, 문재인은 더블플레이로 트럼프의 뒤통수를 치고 있다. 한미일이 함께 가자 웃음을 팔면서 뒤에서는 미국이 땀 흘려 이룩한 유엔의 대북제재 분위기에 재를 뿌려 트럼프의 뒤통수를 치고 있는 것이다. 오늘 (9.15) 아베와 문재인이 전화로 싸웠다. 아베는 인도적 차원에도 때가 있다고 훈계 했고, 문재인은 내가 하는 일은 내가 판단한다고 맞섰다.

문재인-임종석이 청와대 있는 한 국민은 파리 목숨

미국무부는 “문재인이 하는 일에 대해 미국은 전혀 이해하지 못한다, 궁금하면 문재인에 직접 물어라” 이런 식의 불쾌감을 표시했다. 워싱턴 포스트는 미국이 한국에 전술핵을 재배치하려해도 문재인이 청와대에 있는 동안에는 불가능하다고 보도했다. 문재인이 결사반대한다는 것이다. 한미일은 껍데기만 동맹이지 내면적으로는 미국과 일본이 한편이고 남한과 북한이 한편이다. 그리고 남한은 북한의 속국이 돼있다. 문재인과 임종석이 있는 한 우리는 파리 목숨으로 살아가게 될 것이다.

Donald Trump under attack from two men, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in

Kim Jong-un mocks at Trump with nuke provocations while Moom Jae-in stabs him in the back with a double act

The US President, Donald Trump is being under attack from both sides, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in. Kim ridicules Trump in his face with a nuke playing and Moon stabs him in the back with a double act.

Showing a forced smile in front of the United States and Japan as if he were going together, Moon Jae-in has slapped Trump in his back to thwart the UN sanctions against North Korea, for which the United States has brought every possible effort. Today, on September 15, 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Abe argued with Moon Jae-in over the telephone about the humanitarian aid to NK that was announced by the South Korean government a couple of days ago. In the telephone conversation, Shinzo Abe seemed to have advised Moon that it is not an appropriate time for Moon to offer NK a humanitarian aid, to which Moon was reported to have squarely opposed by saying he would be the judge of that.

As long as both Moon Jae-in and Im Jong-suk (Chief Presidential Secretary) coil up in the Blue House, the lives of our countrymen are worth no more than that of a fly.

The US State Department has recently expressed its displeasure by saying" We have no clue on what the South Korean government is doing, if you have questions, ask Moon Jae-in directly." The Washington Post has reported that even though the United States hopes to bring back the tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea, it won't be possible as long as Moon Jae-in sits in the office as the President and Commander-in-Chief.

This means Moon Jae-in is absolutely opposed to the deployment of the tactical nuclear weapons into South Korean territory.

The alliance of the United States, South Korea and Japan shows no functional capacity but just nominally moves. Inwardly, the United States and Japan are on the same boat while South and North Korea are on the same team. Accordingly it does mean that South Korea has virtually become a tributary to North Korea. This being so, we South Koreans can hardly be free from a situation like an ephemeral existence as long as Moon and Im remain in the Blue House. 

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